Monthly Archives: December 2013

Dreams of Skiing in the Alps


If you have met me (this is Brian), then you know that I love to ski.  And, you might also guess then that it has been a life-long dream of mine to ski in the Alps.  Well, I’m happy to say that that dream has been realized.  I am very grateful that we have decided to stay here in Munich for a full year; allowing us to experience all of the seasons, and what each season offers.

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Thanksgiving in Amsterdam

amsterdam-20“Don’t stand up on the back of the boat” our audio guide warned us as our canal tour boat barely skimmed under a low bridge.  We putted through the city, staring up at the leaning buildings and bridges adorned with twinkling Christmas lights. We reflected on the very different feeling of this canal city and Venice, where the canals were the only method of transportation and therefor overcrowded. Amsterdam has canals, bike paths, trams, buses, roads, and pedestrian walkways so the waterways remained a quaint reminder of the city’s history.

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