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Moving on…

Well folks, we are leaving Germany.  Our six months here has been incredible (see the last blog article here).  The past few weeks has been some what of a struggle for us dealing with tax issues, finance issues, and moving issues but we’ve come out alive.  One of the main reasons for our move abroad was to focus on our marriage and learn how to work things out as a team.  This has been hard at times but has always been rewarding.  Sure we can call up friends and family for support now and then, but when it comes right down to it – we have only each other.  I’ve learned so much about my husband and my marriage, but I’ve also learned a lot about myself.  I’m proud of us and how much we have grown together in the last 6 months.  My husband isn’t the man I thought I married – he is so much more.  I would not have survived here without his love, understanding and encouragement.  Brian is my best friend and I am so blessed to have him.

I look forward to our next adventure with eagerness, because I have the only support I need by my side.

Future plans include a weekend in Dublin, 2 weeks in Lisbon, Valentine’s Day in Dubrovnik, a few weeks in Athens and then…. wherever the road takes us (as long as there is internet).

Well wishes and prayers are much appreciated : )

6 Months in Review

Our year is half way over…

Things we have learned


  1. Moving abroad without our puppy has been really hard.
  2. Relying only on each other has drastically impacted our relationship (for the good).
  3. We should have tried harder to learn German before we got here.
  4. My husband is an insanely hard worker.
  5. I could live on wiener schnitzel w/ cranberry sauce.


  1. Moving abroad without our puppy has been really hard.
  2. Having Bonnie to myself has been a joy.  It’s going to be hard to share her when we get home.
  3. Traveling is fun, but coming back to Munich is always fun.
  4. Ryanair is not such a great deal.
  5. I could stay here (not without my dog, though).

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Walking in Zurich

Zurich from atop Lindenhof Park

Zurich from atop Lindenhof Park

Our second day in Zurich was a much greater success that our first day.  Not that we didn’t have a great day yesterday, but today we were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful sunny day awaiting us.  We spent a lot of yesterday in museums and cafes in order to stay out of the rain, but today was a dry and warm day (at least for January) in Zurich.

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Swiss equals banking

ZurichWe are here for our first day in Zürich, Schweiz — or in English; Zurich, Switzerland.  We took the train on Friday evening to arrive here.  We are staying out in the University area, as the hotels are much more affordable in this part of town.  We had a great first night, with take-away pizza and The Lone Ranger movie in bed.  As you might have guessed by the title of this post, we have noticed that the Swiss have lots of money, and not only in their banks.  Just to give you an idea of how expensive things are here in Zurich; we paid about $50 US dollars for a pizza and side salad.  No kidding.  Outside of things being very expensive, we have noticed that the city is stunningly beautiful and clean.  The city has an old look to it, which doesn’t appear to be recreated after WWII.  The city also has a new look to it, making it a modern and chic city to live in.

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Frohe Weihnachten

Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt

Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt

Or, Merry Christmas!  We are very excited to be celebrating the Christmas season here in Germany, especially with our family coming over to visit.  It is truly a magical time.  We all know people who have said, or perhaps ourselves have said, that Christmas starts too early. And, that it seems to start earlier and earlier each year. However, our Christmas started pretty earlier here in Germany. Since the Germans do not celebrate Thanksgiving, the season actually starts much earlier than it does back home.  We started seeing Christmas decoration and lights popping up in November, and even saw Santa Claus come riding into Amsterdam on his horse with his helpers.

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