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6 Months in Review; Part 2

It’s hard to believe that our EPIC year abroad has come to a conclusion. Brian and I have been having some serious snuggle time with our puppy dog and settling down in our new Adirondack digs. Reflecting on the past year, we had some thoughts:

Things we have learned


  1. FaceTime is a wonderful invention.
  2. I have a strong marriage.
  3. How to say “thank you” in about 10 languages.
  4. We are amazingly blessed.
  5. People are generally good.
  6. I can live with my mother-in-law (at least for a month!)


  1. Being homeless makes it possible to travel the world. I’m glad I don’t own a house.
  2. Not owning a car for a full year and only using public transportation is relatively painless, easy and cheap – at least in Europe!
  3. I’ve (mostly) successfully taught Europeans how to use an American credit card, as we don’t have an electronic chip in our cards.
  4. I’ve learned that seafood isn’t so bad when it’s caught locally that morning.
  5. Every country in the world has some form of delicious dried meat and some cheese – all very different, all very delicious.

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