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Brian and Bonnie in Buda and Pest

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

After a week in Athens, we were on the last leg of our 6-week journey from Munich to Amsterdam: 5 days in Budapest, Hungary.  Just to bring you up to speed in case you are first joining us, my beautiful wife and I got married last summer, and in an effort of both adventure and building solidarity in our first year of marriage, we left our families, our dog and our home back in Upstate New York to live abroad for one year.

We first settled in Munich, Germany.  We soaked up the German culture, and traveled throughout Europe for our first 6-months abroad.  After making the difficult decision to leave Munich for a new adventure, we explored the various options of where to go to next.  Was it going to be London?  It would be really nice to live in a city where everyone speaks our language.  But maybe that would be too easy.  What about Paris?  It looks amazing, but also amazingly expensive.  Amsterdam would be lovely, especially in spring-time.  We searched and searched, and finally found the perfect flat outside of Amsterdam, in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.  The only problem was that we had 5 weeks and 5 days between leaving Munich and arriving at our new home.  So, we hit the road.

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