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Hike in the Alps

After a conversation with Anna and Frank we were convinced that, if we wanted to get a hike in before the Alps became covered in snow, we had to act sooner rather than later.  We hopped on a train bright and early Monday (Labor Day) and got off in Kufstein, Austria, a very cute little town.

Trail head before ascending into the Alps

Trail head before ascending into the Alps

We had brought a few trail suggestions with us but when we went to the information desk near the train station the woman told us the hike we had picked out was five hours – one way. Since this was only a day hike for us we decided that maybe that wasn’t our best option.  According to our map there were many trails just on the other side of town, so off we went.  I explained to Brian that, being raised in the woods, I had this “super smelling” ability to find fresh air.  I love him dearly, he didn’t question me at all and soon enough we came to the base of an Alp, with a trailhead. The trails that were on the sign weren’t at all on the map – at least where we thought we were on the map. That didn’t dissuade us and up we went.

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