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The Vatican City

Inspired by TripAdvisor horror stories of long lines and scorching heat we chose to split our trip to the Vatican City into two days. The first day we hit only the museum and the second day we focused on St. Peter’s and seeing the Pope. We hemmed and hawed over whether to take a prearranged tour of both in a three hour span but that seemed a bit too rushed and we had, after all, enough time in Rome that we didn’t need to rush. We rented audio guides and bought our tickets in advance – an absolute must we learned after standing in line for hours to see the David in Florence. Buying tickets ahead of time meant we waited approximately two minutes in the queue to get audio guides. We walked right past hundreds of people waiting to buy tickets. However, our journey was not without its own tribulations as Google maps lead us astray from the metro station to the entrance of the Vatican City. Once inside we had another 20 minute walk to the doors for the museum. The whole of St. Peter’s square is rather confusing as there are no maps anywhere indicating where one must go to get to the museum.

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