Athens One Day Boat Cruise

We desperately wanted to see more to Greece than just the city of Athens. However, we visited in mid-February and thus found the tour to be a bit lacking. Despite the grey and chilly air, we set out on a 3 island boat cruise with Athens One Day Cruise. We aren’t entirely sure whether it was the weather or not but we ended up only seeing 2 islands. The lunch was subpar and the entire thing felt a bit cheesy. Honestly, it seemed geared toward 60-70 year olds who regularly frequent cruises. So if that’s you, I wouldn’t not recommend this company (note the double negative). However, if you are like us and prefer more honest customer service I don’t think this is the right tour for you. Or, perhaps you should give it a go in summer. We felt that we absolutely did not get the worth for what we paid.

Here is their website:

Church in Aegina

Church in Aegina

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