Sandeman’s New Europe Tours

If I have learned anything from the past year it is this: Sandeman’s New Europe is amazing. I honestly think they should send me a free tee shirt the way I rave about their awesomeness. Their business model is great, their employees are great, their customer service is outstanding… I could go on and on. I even looked at how to get a job with them in the hopes that we could stay in Europe forever.

They offer a tip-based free walking tour for (so far) 18 cities in the world, mostly in Europe. The free tour is 2.5 – 3 hours long and covers a brief overview of the history. In some cities 3 hours is plenty of time to cover most of the history, like Barcelona and Lisbon. However in the cities where you clearly need more than 3 hours, like Paris, London and Berlin, more in-depth tours are offered for a small fee. We have done the free tour in every city we have been to where Sandeman’s operates (11). All of the tour guides have been phenomenal and could easily be getting paid $60/person for a different tour company.

We have also done a few of the paid in-depth tours. In Berlin we did the “Red Tour”, focused on communism. In Barcelona we did the “Tapas Tour”, focused on food. In Dublin we did the “Pub Crawl”, focused on… well, that one should be obvious. In London we did the “Old City” tour, focused on older history in the Roman part of the city. All of them have been worth the small amount we paid – usually 12-20 Euros each. They even offer a student discount.

Check out their website here – they have a tour in NYC!


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