Walks of Italy

We did a lot of research before choosing Walks of Italy as our tour. We debated whether to do a guided tour of the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s or just do them on our own. Finally we decided that we had enough time to tour them at our own pace, with an audio-guide. We used Walks of Italy for the Best of Rome Tour. It was wonderful. Our guide was Roman but her English was great (not perfect, but great).

After doing the tour with her we probably would have thought twice about doing a Vatican tour – but the full day tours are so expensive with this company. Although, I must say that we eavesdropped on a few tours while listing to our audio-guide and it may be worth the money. If you are short on time in Rome I would absolutely recommend doing the Best of Rome Tour and the Vatican City tour with this company – they were highly organized and the tour was superbly informational.

As it was our tour of Rome covered most of the highlights -with a stop for gelato.

Their website is here.

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